GoYoga Amelia Island

2244 S. 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
(904) 335-0539

Go Yoga Amelia Island is a Yoga and Wellness center serving Amelia Island, FL

Offering daily Yoga Classes, Workshops, 200 Teacher Training,
Private Instruction, Beach Yoga, Family Reunions, Corporate Retreats & Connected Warrior Yoga

What We Do

Yoga Classes
Price: $15/class. Memberships and packages available. Duration: 60-75 minutes
Price: Varies Duration: Varies
Yoga Teacher Training
Price: $2,500 Duration: 15 consecutive Saturdays

YOGA & ART – Sunday, March 1, from 12 to 2pm with local artist Mac Bibby

200 Hr. YOGA TEACHER TRAINING begins March 7
SIGN UP UNDER Workshops. $500 deposit reserves your space. $2500.

YOGA & ART- Sunday March 1, 12 - 2pm with Fine Artist Mac Bibby, known for his amazing, detailed Tattoos. Mac studied Tibetan Art is a living, walking example of his detailed artwork. He will show you how to UNCOVER your own artistic talent as he demonstrates the TECHNIQUES used in creating images. Yoga poses, breathing and meditation in between will call up our deepest ARTISTIC YEARNINGS. Be here for this amazing, meditative event!!
$20. includes supplies, paper & guidance.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are the best way to say " I care deeply for you"....You are giving the gift of HEALTH with every purchase. Ask at the front desk about the different levels of purchase.

NEED MORE INFO: Call Gianna 904.335.0539 or INFO@goyogaamelia.com

What Our Customers Say

I love this studio.
I very much appreciate that there's no push to do power yoga (which I think is an oxymoron.) The instructors are really serious about their craft, and strive to be challenging and supportive, at the same time.
Go Yoga is a wonderful place to begin your practice of yoga!
The instructors will put you at ease right away and the stress will slip away in their positive, peaceful environment. you will feel peaceful bliss after practicing and a sense of empowerment that is invigorating!
Helped me deal with stress
GoYoga has had such a positive effect on my life. From starting when I was 13 and now being 16, it has set me up for calmness and control throughout my high-school stress. I am so glad that I was able to be apart of such a great group of people. You have the best teachers that influence your body, mind, and soul to release all the negative energy for that day. You have modeled me to know that I can be the best I can be!
Great spot while I'm visiting
I visit Amelia Island every year for a month or so and when I'm there I get over to Go Yoga regularly. It is a very friendly place. The classes are small and intimate. I get great instruction and coaching. I don't feel under pressure or scrutiny like I do in some other studios I've been to.