GoYoga Amelia Island

2244 S. 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
(904) 335-0539

Go Yoga Amelia Island is a Yoga and Wellness center serving Amelia Island, FL

Offering daily Yoga Classes, Workshops, 200 Teacher Training, Private Instruction, Beach Yoga, Family Reunions, Workshops, Event Planning,
Corporate Seminars & Team Building & Connected Warrior Free for Vets

What We Do

Price: $15/class. Memberships and packages available. Duration: 60-75 minutes
Price: Varies Duration: Varies
Yoga Teacher Training
Price: Please ask Duration: Please ask


SPECIAL 5 Class Visitor's Pass for $60. Take any 5 yoga classes. See Schedule for times

A 75-minute GoYoga Class in 3 Minutes


New 2 day training schedule is once monthly on Saturday & Sunday- NOTE!! NOW STARTS ON:

JAN. 28 Sat & 29 Sun: Standards, Journaling, Practicum Log, Student Observation Log, Assignment Sheet - The Origins & History, Evolution of Yoga, Styles & Goals

FEB. 11 Sat & 12 Sun: The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Philosophy, Subtle Body, Chakras

MAR. 18 Sat & 19 Sun: The Science & Basic Elements of Yoga Practice, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras

APR. 15 Sat & 16 Sun: Asanas, Movement, Surya Namaskar, Gayatri Mantra - Mid-Term Test

MAY 13 Sat & 14 Sun: Observation, Alignment, Anatomy, Adjustments, Assists

JUN. 10 Sat & 11 Sun: Teacher Techniques, Scripting, Voice & Tools

JUL. 22, Sat & 23 Sun: Anatomy Review, Theming, Sequencing & Planning, Using the Arc

AUG. 19 Sat & 20 Sun: Specialized Teaching, The Art of Teaching, Teacher’s Toolbox, Sanskrit Asanas, All Reports Due

SEP. 16 Sat & 17 Sun: Hands-on Assists, Verbal Cues, Using Props, Partner Yoga,
Final Exam

TBD: Community Teaching Event, Fire Ceremony, Graduation Celebration-
All Invited

We've added TWO NEW ALIGNMENT classes to help you deepen your practice. These classes provide hands-on adjustments and help you correct mis-alignments preventing injury and allowing you to deep-dive into the poses. These classes (Tue & Wed @ 10:00am) will transform your practice and build the strength you need to support your bones and tendons.
We've also added a LUNCH TIME EXPRESS 1Hour class on Thursdays at noon for a quick, challenging boost to your day.

begins SATURDAY, JAN 14TH, 2017
$500. deposit holds your space and training materials.
Tuition is $2,500. and includes study materials.
**Early bird discount: Save $100 when you sign up and pay in full 2 weeks before the start date.
Payment plans available.
Free Yoga during training. Register & Pay under TEACHER TRAINING tab.
GO YOGA AMELIA ISLAND(RYS) is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. All graduates will be eligible for Yoga Alliance membership.

YIN YANG MASTER CLASS with LIVE GUITAR MUSIC SAT, JAN 21 from 1:00 -3:00pm with Dennis & Kathy Lang. Get the best of both worlds as we flow through the standing postures and then move to the floor for long held yin poses with live music. Go to WORKSHOPS TAB to register $25.

YIN YANG YOGA WITH 7 CRYSTAL BOWLS, SAT, FEB 4, from 2:00 - 4:00pm with Kathy & Dennis Lang. Let the vibrations of the crystal bowls sooth you as we settle into some deep, yummy yin poses. No experience necessary. Go to WORKSHOPS TAB to Register $25

2 FREE MEDITATION WORKSHOPS WEEKLY Experience Inner Awakening - Donations Appreciated
7:30pm Tuesdays & 12 Noon on Saturdays

Click on "Schedule" or "Workshops" to register for classes.

What Our Customers Say

I love this studio.
I very much appreciate that there's no push to do power yoga (which I think is an oxymoron.) The instructors are really serious about their craft, and strive to be challenging and supportive, at the same time.
Go Yoga is a wonderful place to begin your practice of yoga!
The instructors will put you at ease right away and the stress will slip away in their positive, peaceful environment. you will feel peaceful bliss after practicing and a sense of empowerment that is invigorating!
Helped me deal with stress
GoYoga has had such a positive effect on my life. From starting when I was 13 and now being 16, it has set me up for calmness and control throughout my high-school stress. I am so glad that I was able to be apart of such a great group of people. You have the best teachers that influence your body, mind, and soul to release all the negative energy for that day. You have modeled me to know that I can be the best I can be!
Great spot while I'm visiting
I visit Amelia Island every year for a month or so and when I'm there I get over to Go Yoga regularly. It is a very friendly place. The classes are small and intimate. I get great instruction and coaching. I don't feel under pressure or scrutiny like I do in some other studios I've been to.
Finding balance and peace
The practice of yoga has not only improved my physical health, but has also helped me find balance and peace that I never dreamed possible. Through yoga life and everything in it has become infinitely more rich, beautiful, and grounded. Yoga is a compelling practice that heals the body and the mind...