Healing Path Massage & Reflexology

Healing Path Signature Massage Treatment

Allow yourself to melt as our skilled therapist creates relaxation with Deep-Tissue therapies Healing Path Massage & Reflexology  tailored to your body’s individual needs. Characterized by intuitive pressure and long strokes with trigger point release this treatment is guaranteed to restore and heal the body and give you relief from tired sore muscles. *Special aromatherapy from organic herbs which add to the relaxation response. Upon request.

Healing Path Warm Towel Therapy

Warm Towels are strategically placed on the body to stimulate your Energy (Chakra) Centers releasing blocked energy, muscle tension and stress. Then the heated towels are massaged into aching muscles to release tension. A truly relaxing and therapeutic experience for those who live a hectic life. 

*Adding Aromatherapy to your treatment

From organic herbs to add to the relaxation response.  Organic fragrances like  Healing Path Massage & ReflexologySandalwood, Lavender, Eucalyptus & others. By request, add to any service for an additional $15

Healing Path Pre-Natal Massage Therapy

Our skilled therapists help Mom to soothe back and neck pain, improve muscle tone, reduce swelling and stimulate the circulatory system.  Their personal experience with pregnancy and reading energy meridians allow the therapist to be completely in tune with Healing Path Massage & Reflexologythe flow of energy in the body. This whole body massage treatment uses specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and give Mom-to-Be a truly relaxing experience. 

Reflexology Therapy

The feet are the bodies’ connection to the entire nervous, hormonal and energetic system. By knowledgeable stimulation of specific reflex points located in the feet, our therapist can access and stimulate all the organs,  Healing Path Massage & Reflexologynervous system and ignite the energy links.  A single session is deeply relaxing and relieves blocked energy.  Therapeutic effects can be achieved through a series of regular treatments

 To schedule any of our sessions call: 904.548.3555

1 Hour Session – $60  or  Package of 6 Sessions – $340

Pricing subject to change in January 

HEALING PATH Director Deah Jenkins, LMT, E-RYT, has joined us with over ten years experience in treating athletes and the special muscular relief that comes from powerful workout routines. She is skilled in Hot Stones, Deep Tissue, Accupressure, Reflexology and Injury Recovery.

HEALING PATH MASSSAGE THERAPY - Licensed Massage Therapists

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