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Sharing My Vision for Go Yoga Amelia Island

Dear Yogis & Yoginis:

I recently packed up most of my life’s belongings and left the Northeast to come down to Amelia Island and take over the Go Yoga Amelia Island studio from JP & Cassie as they moved on to pursue their dreams of expansion. I arrived on the Island for the first time in May when I came to see the studio…it was love at first sight.  The three of us bonded as we discussed our dreams for unfolding new chapters in our lives.

I had been working in Corporate Life for over 20 years in Finance along with the last 8 years teaching yoga after work 5 days a week. The more I taught and saw the growing fans of Yoga come to deepen their practice with me the more I realized the benefit in following ones deep rooted dreams.  I have always wanted to share my broad yoga knowledge and experience with others.  I have taught in many different environments, have had privilege of studying with masters of the craft over the years both in the States, Italy, India and South America. So my eclectic background collects to form the basis of what I teach.

While I was teaching in Connecticut, 4 years ago a group of Indians from Bangalore came to my classes, they shared yogic experiences and styles with my students. I began to see how the path of Yoga is destined to bring Global peace and sharing of cultures. One fine autumn day as we were practicing yoga on the lawn of the First Presbyterian Church in Stamford, as we normally did, I notice a group of Indians watching us…they were wrapped in white cloth and seemed to be discussing our poses.  I stood up, stopped the class and invited them with Namaste Hands, to join us.  They were thrilled to do so… they immediately joined in the meditative flowing movement of our Vinyasa Session; no words were spoken other than the international language of Yoga.  There we flowed Jews, Hindus, Catholics, Presbyterians and a Muslim into down dog, plank, chaturunga, up dog….then a series of Lunar Salutations, then twists, when we came to balancing we all circled  one of the great trees, right hand touching tree, left hand covering our hearts, foot pressed against inner thigh…saluting the gift of trees which the Divine has given us.  Even though we all spoke different languages we all had the same desire to move our bodies, minds and spirit into alignment with the Divine.

We ended with the traditional 3 Oms….Bowing to each other with Namaste, recognizing the Divine in each other completing our practice but opening our hearts to others. And so our new friends would drop into class with us….chatting away in Hindi, not understanding English but all of us understanding the Classical Hatha Yoga movements, breath, flow and connection with the Divine.

gianna turkey 1024x682 Sharing My Vision for Go Yoga Amelia IslandI am so happy to be here with you in Amelia Island to bring you this moving meditation known as Hatha Vinyasa, with focus on breath, asanas, alignment, toning of body and spirit.  I hope you will open your minds to other cultures and ways of living…there is no single one path to enlightenment…but many paths that lead to the same goal of wellness in spirit, mind and body.

Go Yoga Amelia will always provide a robust schedule of Baptiste style yoga for those who like to sweat, tone, build muscle and stamina; but now your choices will broaden…we will offer more variety such as Yoga & Meditation, Chakra Clearing Yoga, Sports Cross Training Yoga, Friday Happy Hour, Laughter Yoga and more.

Stay tuned and enjoy the journey with us.

Much gratitude for your welcoming hearts as I continue the glad spirit of Go Yoga Amelia Island.


PS: Our new website www.GoYogaAmelia.com  & info@GoYogaAmelia.com

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